Cable & wire logistics

The Zajadacz cable & wire logistics

Big choice, best service.

More than 1.400 types of cable & wire on 4.000 m2, big cross sections up to 4 x 240 mm2 and cable & wire cutting up to 90 mm in diameter

Huge cable & wire storage

Order oriented product range

Through modification of our central logistics we possess now an almost twice the size cable & wire storage than before: More than 1.400 types of cable & wire are stored now on an area of more than 4.000 m2. On this occasion we enlarged our existing assortment and now have ready in store large cross section underground cable (NYY, NYCWY, NAYY up to 4 x 240mm),considerable more different non – halogen control and wiring conductors and popular cables with function rating E30 and E90 as well as rubber insulated cable i.e. NSSHÖU constantly in stock.

This effectiveness is completed by our cable cutting machine, which puts us into the position to cut cable up to 90 mm in diameter (e.g. rubber cable 4G240) to your requirements. The demand oriented product range meets highest requirements, but even procurement of special cables not in stock is no problem for us.

All our cables and wires are available in our online shop as well.

Our Central Logistics Warehouse

At our central warehouse close to Hamburg, we have storage spaces of approx. 20,000 m² which dispose of modern warehouse technology and intelligent space utilisation systems. From mobile shelving to multi-storey shelving racks with a rotating, fully automated transport system for pick performances of up to 1,500 items per hour or a cable warehouse adequate for reels with a size of up to 2.6 m, Zajadacz is ready for the future.

Thanks to these systems, we can offer a broad range and speed up our logistics processes to be a strong and reliable wholesale partner for you in the future, too.

You order – we deliver!

Cable assembly and labeling

To compile cable harnesses according to your specification or requirement as well as delivery of precompiled cable sets are no problem. Of course we parameterize it with your personal checkmark on the isolation surface for easy identification.

And remember: With our new cable cutting machine we cut your cable with a diameter of up to 90 mm!

To transport cable drums

Small and big ones

We move cable drums with a size of 2,6 meters in diameter and a weight of 8 tons!

Call for pick up of cable drums

Fast and easy

You want to call for pickup of your empty cable drums fast and easy? No problem. Lock in at

You can use the “KTG-Freimeldung”-App as well. Unused drums can be announced from everywhere. With the assistance of the integrated Barcode-Scanner you have the chance to scan the drum ID number directly and hand it over to KTG.